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Sunday, January 18, 2009

HighFive 14 : The Tech/Web Special

1. In it's beta version this is the logo of a new project of stalwarts in their field and an amazingly successful first venture. Identify it.

2. Another offering from the rich man Bill. Identify the logo

3. The logo of a web venture. In simple words they prompt people to use spades online. Now think simple and give me the name of the company?

4. They raise the bar. Identify.

5. DUREX for the Computer. Identify

Please mail the answers to eldrich.rangel@gmail.com and mirajvora@gmail.com before next sunday.

HIGHFIVE 13 of last week is open till tomorrow. Find it HERE

Yesterday's Answers


Cracked partly by Debashish & fully by Rohan Sawlani & Rohit Nair

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