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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tata Crucible Campus 2009 - Bangalore

Bangalore certainly lived up to the expectations & 273 teams took part in the prelims.
Giri strtd the prelims by telling about the other locations, their winners etc etc.
There was no space in the auditorium at all once the prelim were underway

He gave plenty of clues through the course of the prelims, but personal advice refrain from asking for clues as they mite take u to a different track and in the midst of all his clues you mite miss one word here n there which ll b the main clue..

1. Ice cream brand advertised with the slogan count the no. of flavours when the flavours count if u can etc?
Baskin Robbins
2. Print ad on Barack Obama published by? Times Now
3. Planet is a computer disposal system from which pc manufacturer? HP
4. Tim Cook is the stand in CEO of? apple
5. Mom & Me stores from which indian auto major? Mahindra&Mahindra
6. Pic of Jack Trout
7. Japanese brand gets its name from house of gods? Olympus
8. Speciality stores launched by Titan in Bangalore? Helios
9. Neckties & More stores by which indian apparel giant? Raymond's
10.Pic of Ivanka Trump
11.Son of which indian liquor baron will start working at Diageo? (He said you cant miss it at Bangalore) Vijay Mallya
12.Bob the builder and Daemon rights have been taken by which co. more famous in luggage and baggage industry? VIP (Samsonite was a popular answer)
13.Pic of Jeep old logo
14.Jai ho played in the background. Who is the distributor? (movie distributor) Fox Searchlight
15.It was founded in 1927 by Americans Bennett Cerf, Christopher Coombes and Donald Klopfer. they are the world's largest English-language general trade book publishers.
Random House Publications
16.Fiat Logo transformation
17.Live Planet Productions Matt damon and who? Ben Affleck
18.Pond's Ad of Neha Dhupia and Saif Ali Khan and Priyanka Chopra
19. fever 104 fm print ad
20. Colour combi of CAN from red & white logo of Cornell uni something? Campbell Soup

Top 4 to qualify

1. RVCE (table 1)
2. IIM-B (table 2)
3. BMS College of Engineering (table 4)
4. Christ University (Kuldeep & Sankarshan)(table 5)

Top 2 to qualify on WildCard

1. IIPM (table 6)
2. Christ University (Abhinav & Anirudh)(table 3)

Out of the Top 16, 5 teams were from Christ University which speaks a lot about the level of undergraduate quizzing in Bangalore.



1. Brainchild of Harry Lumsdar, first used in the 52nd Regiment, Got popular later on.

A. Khakhee (eldrich got this one from the audience)

2. Initiative called Mood Consulting from the world of Godrej

A. Funda answer, something to do with mood modulated homes by Godrej properties and they give you houses based on moods etc etc (kickass crack by Christ University on Table 5)

3. Delsey Boyle, 105,000 Dollars, team of 11, one vote

A. Best job in the world by Queensland Tourism (no one cracked it)

4. Developed in 1980 by Mehboon Ul Haq, another british professor and Lord Meghnad Desai

A. Human Development Index (cracked by IIM B)

5. Rengade and Renaissance have replaced two others.

A. Basically renegade and renaissance are codenames for Barack and Michelle and two others were for George and Laura Bush

6. Business - Moving from Corking and Tainting

A. Related to wines and champagnes


1.Logo of Mohan Meakins (cracked by yours truly)
2.Logo of Nobel Foundation, pic of the floormat was there on which winners accept the award
3. Pic of Carla Zletkin on a stamp. She gave the world WOMEN's DAY, which is incidentally today
4. Pic of Ashok Kapur(repeat question from another campus round this year)
5. Pic of TELSTAR ADIDAS FOOTBALL. Funda is the football was named thus because it was the official football of the WC Football which was going to be telecasted on TV, thus from television star it became TELSTAR
6. Pic of Steve Jobs with "It's True" in the backdrop
Cracked by RVCE, it's basically to denote that they were changing their systems to Intel.

Tata World

1. Taj changin its name
A. Gateway

2. Titan watches under 500 rs.
A. Super Fibre

3. TCS has a strategic tie up with which superbike manufacturer?
a. Ducati

4. Tata Tea could not get OBV as the domain so they registered wat?
a. Jaagore.com (obv stands for one billion votes)

Lateral Pickbrain Connect

1. Raghav Bahl, Dilip Sardesai, Dainik Jagran & Akshay Kumar's CC2C song played in the background.

a. TV18

2. Manoj Bagdale, Bajaj Allianz, Tata AIG & Ringa Ringa played in the background
a. Rajasthan Royals

3. Allianz Group, Manipal Group,ING Vysya Bank & Indigo Nation and song from Meerabai Not Out
A. Anil Kumble

4. Nimbuzz, Mandi Bazaar, Second Life
a. tata indicom

Final Round
3 clues

1. Rand Corporation
2. Michael Porter's 5 force model (IIMB gave the answer on the 1st clue)
3. Economies of Scale, again IIM B cracked it on the first clue

So at the end,

Christ University team of Kuldeep and Sankarshan won the Bangalore Edition and IIM-B came second on the basis of two awesome cracks in the last round.

Standings of Top 3

Christ University : 45
IIM-B : 40
RVCE : 30


Sandeep said...

Thnx for the compilation of the quiz questions, it was really helpful. Could also let us the final scores tally.


Anonymous said...

This is Renu from IFIM, congrats Christ you guys rocked. This is perhaps one of the best Pickbrain shows as well and the finals were truly top class.

Agree with you the UG level is too good in Bangalore. All the best to you folks for the big stage.

Avi said...

thnx a lot 4 da compilation man!! acc i dinno crucible bangalore edition 09 was over,sum 1 tol me its after august!!!& congrats!

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