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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who am I?

In a 25-year career, X has been an editor with India Today, the Indian Express group, and managing editor of Outlook. In March 2000, X left Outlook to start Y.com, an independent news and views magazine that broke ground with its sting investigations including the cricket and defence scams. In January 2004, y relaunched itself as a national weekly newspaper. In September 2007, Y rebranded itself as a national weekly magazine.

Identify X & Y.

Previous Answer

Mayara Tavares. See more of her here


Mrinalini said...

Tarun Tejpal and tehelka.com

www.guessthelogo.blogspot.com said...

Tarun Tejpal and Tehelka

raklodramA said...

Tarun Tejpal of tehelka.com