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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Connect the following to a TERM & EXPLAIN & Answer

A TERM connects the following..Kindly explain.

Answers in a day.

THE ANSWER IS INDEED Formula One, F1 or Formulae One as you want to put it..

TATA Nano is going to be launched in showroom called Formula One.
Bernie Ecclestone is ofcourse F1.
Accor Hotels launched recently Formulae One chain of economy hotels near MORE Retail Stores by the ADITYA BIRLA GROUP.


Sagar Pruthi said...

Formulae - 1

Formulae -1 is the economy segment of hotels run by accor. They are planning to set this up in india with the A V Birla Group.
I think that is bernie eclestone for formulae 1..
And this is to counter tata's ginger hotels.

Rohit Kedia said...


Rohit kedia said...

sorry fgot to explain... ans is F1
Nano will be sold through stores called f1
bernie eccelstone (dono spelling) owner of FIA governing body of F1
and last aditya birla is tying up with accor hotelss to come up with formulae1 Hotles near its store more..

abhinav mouli said...

ok the answer is f1
miraj an i had discussed this connect!
the guys above i'm sure explained it well