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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Logo Of?

Here is the answer..

This is headed by the Prime Minister of the country and has been in news all through as Disasters happen pretty regularly. It has done a tremendous job too.


roshan said...

board of control for cricket in india.....BCCI!!!!!!111

abhinav mouli said...

dude just kick ass questions dude!
just superb.. keep them coming.. i haven been comin for a few days but i admit i knew oly castrol.. din know the others.. dono logo as well.. Indian hockey federation? lol

Miraj C. Vora said...

Hey Abhinav..

Will try our best to live up to the expectations..
Just wait for the answer..this is not a gr8 q..but just wud prompt ppl to write the obvious ans..i saw this near Forum..