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Friday, November 7, 2008



torro rosso is sponsored by Puma, PPR owns Puma, Rudolf DAssler founder of Puma, Puma sponsors Villareal FC..a new range of shoes called Bolt is started by Puma after the immense success of Usain Bolt at Beijing...so the ans is PUMA


Rohit Kedia said...

the connect is puma... redbull toro rosso puma is the kit sponsor same with i think tht CVF must be some foot ball club. PPR owns puma... the last pic it must be the start of the Olympic race wer bolt is running puma sponsors him and that guy must be Rudolph dassler.

Chandan Shahi said...

Connect is Puma

roads said...


roads said...

puma is the sponsor for toro rosso, puma is owned by ppr, the guy is rudolf dassler i think and bolt is brand ambassador for puma