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Monday, November 10, 2008

What am i talking about?

clue.. is as above

the ques is

Since 27 June 1967 ______________ has been a joint stock company and since 3 December 2001 it is listed on the Borsa Italiana. Currently, its shares are distributed between 60% to IFIL Investments S.p.A, the Agnelli family's holding (a company of the Giovanni Agnelli & C.S.a.p.a Group),[74] 7.5% to Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Co.[75] and 32.5% to other shareholders.
What am i talkin about?

well, new holland group is the tractor division of fiat which owns the club Juventus FC n is also their shirt sponsor..Agnelli family owns fiat but fiat owns juventus...juventus was the joint stock company in question...so the ans is JUVENTUS FC>>


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this is fiat...founder is giovanni agnelli

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